Secretary of State

The Secretary of State provides resources on a variety of topics that affect access to information.

Maine state government issues rules that determine many operations within government, including how the records law is implemented within agencies. Below are a link to general rules, and some examples of specific rules that may be of particular interest to requestors of information. The list of examples is not exhaustive, but illustrative.

Rules by Department
The Secretary of State maintains a web page listing rules by department that includes contact information.

Public Access to and Use of Museum Collections:
“This rule establishes standards and procedures governing access to and the use of collections of the Maine State Museum.”

Safety and Accident Reporting Requirements [Public Utilities Commission, or PUC]:
This rule . . . establishes reporting and investigation requirements for utility-related accidents. The rule clarifies the scope of the privilege against discovery, use as evidence, and disclosure under the Freedom of Access Law.

Bureau Of Motor Vehicles Rules Governing The Sale Of Records And Databases Related To Driver History, Driver Licenses And Motor Vehicles
These rules describe the process by which requests for motor vehicle records must be made and the fees associated with the sale of records and databases.

Maine Health Data Organization — Release of Data to the Public
This chapter provides for the manner and extent to which data submitted to or assembled by the MHDO or its predecessor agencies will be made available to the public. The rule defines the scope of the exceptions to the Freedom of Access Act that is provided in the Maine Health Data Organization statute. The rule also establishes procedures for determining whether data are confidential or privileged and for protecting filed data until that decision is made.

Other Potentially Helpful Resources from the Maine Secretary of State

General Schedules, for Records Common to Most or All Agencies
This schedule provides information on how long various Maine state agencies maintain different kinds of information. If you wish to seek information from a Maine state agency, this schedule will help give you some idea regarding whether or not the agency retains that information. This material, however, should not be considered definitive – it is only a guide.

Guidelines for your Record Management Program
This guide for Maine state records managers provides definitions and guidelines to state employees regarding best practices for retention and disposition of various sorts of information created or maintained by agencies. If you are seeking information from a Maine state agency, this guide might provide insight into who, how, and why information may or may not be available to request.

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