2006 Audit Results

The results of Maine’s 2006 FOI Audit

Report on Public Records Audit – Conducted November 19, 2002

The results of the FOI Follow-up audit conducted in May 2006 are available as an Excel spreadsheet. If you have Excel on your computer but are unfamiliar with how to use it, read this basic tutorial. The MFOIC Audit Report, is in Microsoft Word format.

In reviewing the data in the spreadsheets, and in particular where there appears to be a denial of access to public information, please pay careful attention to the reasons listed for denial. These distinctions of denial, as opposed to a strictly black-and-white perspective, are discussed more fully in the report.

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MFOIC Audit Report
Appendix A – MFOIC protocol
Appendix B – MFOIC script
Appendix C – MFOIC evaluation sheet
Appendix D – MFOIC e-mail request
Appendix E – MFOIC numeric summary 2006
Appendix F – MFOIC numeric summary 2002
Appendix G – MFOIC e-mail spreadsheet
Appendix H – MFOIC audit spreadsheet 2006

If you have any questions concerning the results or procedures of the survey, please contact either Irwin Gratz (for the mailed requests) or Judy Meyer (for the requests made in person). We would also appreciate hearing from you with any comments concerning Maine’s first FOI audit. Please feel free to post your comments online. Thank you very much.

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