Candidate’s Pledge 2012

MFOIC challenged legislative candidates to support open government

The Maine Freedom of Information Coalition sent a letter to every candidate for the legislature in 2012 seeking a pledge of support for open government.

Fundamental to democracy is freedom of speech, open meetings of government and access to public records. Mainers have a long history of open government with many towns still holding annual town meetings where open debate and discussion are celebrated.

Mainers also recognized that with change and growth, the long traditions of openness needed protection in law and, in 1959; the Legislature enacted a st rong freedom of access law setting forth in its first sentences the high importance Mainers place on open government.

The Legislature finds and declares that public proceedings exist to aid in the conduct of the people’s business. It is the intent of the Legislature that their actions be taken openly and that the records of their actions be open to public inspection and their deliberations be conducted openly.

Maine Freedom of Information Coalition
Open Government Pledge

As a candidate for _________, I, ________________, endorse the purpose of Maine’s Open Meetings and Open Records laws to ensure and facilitate the public’s understanding of governmental processes and problems. Therefore, I pledge to support the public policy of the State of Maine that the people have the inherent right to know and be fully informed about their government so that they can efficiently and intelligently exercise their political power. Specifically, I pledge to support the strengthening of the letter and the spirit of Maine’s Open Meetings and Open Records laws.

Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement of any candidate by the MFOIC. But, we do very much appreciate the commitment of these candidates to uphold the public’ s right to open government.

Here is the list of candidates that have signed the pledge by Senate District:

Senate District 1 Dawn Hill

Senate District 8 Asher Platts

Senate District 12 Martin Shue

Senate District 13 Dennise D. Whitely

Senate District 14 Leonard P. Greaney

Senate District 14 John Patrick

Senate District 18 Thomas Saviello

Senate District 21 Patrick Flood

Senate District 24 Roger Katz

Senate District 27 Herbert Clark

Senate District 29 Jim Whalen

Senate District 35 Troy Jackson

Here is the list of candidates that have signed the pledge by House District:

House District 10 Steven Stanley

House District 13 Anita Peavey Haskell

House District 18 James W. Parker

House District 21 Arthur C. Verow

House District 24 David Pearson

House District 42 Joe Brooks
House Distrct 44 Jethro Pease

House District 45 Brian Jones

House District 48 Charles B. Kruger

House District 49 Jeffrey Evangelos

House District 63 John J. Bouchard

House District 64 Kimberly Olsen

House District 67 Seth Berry

House District 76 Mark Andre

House District 77 Thomas R.W. Longstaff

House District 79 Sharon Treat

House District 84 Karen Kusiak

House District 87 Clinton Brooks

House District 87 Paul Gilbert

House District 92 Thomas H. Skolfield

House District 93 Matthew Peterson

House District 94 Teresea Hayes

House District 111 Jane P. Pringle

House District 115 Erik Jorgensen

House District 117 Richard R. Farnsworth

House District 121 Kim Monaghan-Derrig

House District 123 Roger A, Bishop

House District 131 Ronald E. Usher

House District 132 Roxanne V. Frenette

House District 133 Barry J. Hobbins

House District 134 Justin Chenette

House District 135 Paulette G. Beaudoin

House District 141 Edward P. Legg

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